One of South Africa’s much-loved actors has landed his own show on East Coast Radio. TV star, Thato Molamu, will own the 10am to 2pm slot on Sundays.

On the small screen, Thato Molamu plays the character of Maru on Mzansi Magic’s Greed and Desire and TK on’s Umlilo. Fans can now catch him on radio from Sunday, 29 Ma 2016.

“Great radio presenters are simply people who have the ability to connect through one-on-one conversation and are exceptional storytellers. Thato is both of these,” says East Coast Radio’s Programming Manager, Zane Derbyshire. “He is well-known to television audiences and the plan is to make him equally well known as a radio star.”

The former Generations star and father of two says he is counting down the days until he is live on-air. “A lot of people identify me with the characters I play and never really get to know the real Thato. Now that I have my own show, I will be able to share who I am with listeners and share my thoughts with the world. People can expect fun, good music, good chats and just a great time between 10am and 2pm. Sundays will never be the same!”

Thato can’t stop raving about the unique, enviable lifestyle we enjoy here in KwaZulu-Natal. “KZN has a vibe that many provinces in South Africa don’t have.  It has good weather and great culture. I think the weather compliments the people of KZN. There’s warmth all around. “

Packing an easy-going personality and a great sense of humour, Thato says he thrives when he is in a creative space. However, while he loves his work, family is a priority. “I am where I am today because of my family support. Family is what keeps me together.” He credits his mum for instilling in him the values with which he lives his life. “She is my role-model. My mum is very strong, family-orientated and loves people. She is a very positive thinker and I know that I am the man today because of my mother.”

Thato says he is looking forward to sharing snippets of his life with fans and hopefully motivate them along the way. “To anyone out there who’s ever dreamt of being a star, who’s dreamt of being an actuary, who’s dreamt of going to the moon, you need to believe. If you believe it, it can happen but you need to work hard. Discipline in your career will make sure you flourish and become the best thing in life.”

Catch Thato Molamu every Sunday on East Coast Radio from 10am to 2pm, beginning 29 May 2016.

Source : Daily Sun


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