Here are South Africa’s universities ranked based on the starting salaries of their graduates.

All universities are not the same, and students from different universities get different starting salaries.

A recent recent qualifications and salary survey reveals that graduates from the University of the Witwatersrand earn the highest average starting salaries.

They are followed by graduates from the University of Cape Town, Rhodes University, and the University of Pretoria.

The survey was completed by 5,867 South Africans, of which the majority completed a tertiary qualification.

The starting salaries of graduates over the last 10 years were used to calculate the average salaries, which were adjusted for inflation and salary increases.

The graphic below shows the average salaries of graduates from the different institutions. It should be noted that fields of study were not considered in these averages.

University of the Witwatersrand                                                              R20 414

University of Cape Town                                                                            R20 397

Rhodes University                                                                                      R19 846

University of Pretoria                                                                            R19 160

University of Stellenbosch                                                               R17 934

University of the Free State                                                        R16 752

University of KwaZulu Natal                                                 R16 649

North West University                                                           R15 958

University of Johannesburg                                              R15 565

Tswhane University of Technology                             R15 529

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University              R14 739

University of the Western Cape                               R14 382

Cape Peninsula University of Technology      R13 505

University of South Africa                               R11 288

Durban University of Technology            R11 179

University of of Limpopo                       R10 676

University of Venda                           R9 461



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