Drama reigned supreme in Zimbabwe’s capital Harare earlier today when a vendor literally grabbed a police officer by the balls after he had tried to confiscate her goods. Zimbabwe is currently facing unrest and the situation could boil up to massive protest action in the country.

According to an eye witness who identified himself as Alec, the police officer in question is known to be heartless and today he showed up at the lady’s makeshift vending station and demanded she pay him $5 or risk having all her stock taken. The incensed lady could however have none of it and went on a tirade shouting obscenities at the officer. This drew the attention of the crowd who started baying for the officers blood.

“We know this corrupt officer, he has a habit of demanding money or else he will make life difficult”, Alec said. It is reported when the officer realised the situation was going against his favor he took to his heels into a nearby yard. But this wasn’t before the woman whose goods he wanted to take made a spectacular tackle that would make any rugby professional green with envy.

The crowd applauded as the woman grabbed onto the policeman’s crown jewel. The scared officer continued his quest for freedom and found himself perched on a demarcating wall with the woman still safely attached onto his back.

He was eventually rescued by his workmates and the crowd dispersed. No arrest was mad but locals say they feared the policeman would come back with his friends to revenge his swollen ball.


Source : iMzansi


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