A s_ex video of a woman believed to be a police personnel stationed at police station in Limpopo has gone viral on social media, especially on WhatsApp.

The n_ude video of the lady who is said to be called Pinky Modise, a police sergeant, which went viral three days ago, is enjoying public viewing, especially by men, whilst other people are crazily looking for it.

Write-ups accompanying the video identified her as a police inspector woman and alleged that she was new at the station and has been causing men to bump heads because of her good looks. Now men are at loggerheads to try and found out who the man in the video was. It has however been established it is definitely not her ‘Ofiicial’ boyfriend as it is believed he is out of the country.

The matter was said to have been reported to the regional headquarters and that she was to face police service enquiry for misconduct.

Information gathered by iMzansi  indicated that her fellow police officers are happy with the publication of the videos because according to them, she is disrespectful.

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