A few days remain till president Jacob Zuma goes on his trip to Zimbabwe to meet with his counterpart President Robert Mugabe.

The president is reportedly very excited and looking forward to be meeting with Mugabe again.

Relations between the two started out frosty with Mugabe being close to former president Thabo Mbeki.

However with Zuma’s sometimes questionable actions and ever wavering support his list of friends is dwindling.

President Mugabe, known for his notorious autocratic stance and anti west agenda happens to be the just the man Zuma can look up to.

After winning another term as president, Zuma is feeling more comfortable and is now more open with his affection for Mugabe.

His visit to Zimbabwe provides a time for the two men to catch up and brainstorm ideas. It is no secret that Mugabe’s brain is the envy of many and Zuma will have a chance to learn from the best.

Mugabe is known to be generous towards those who show him support and loyalty.

He is also known to weather harsh criticism from friends and foes alike.

All this makes him just the right man for president Zuma to look up to.

Source: imzansi



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