Despite Sam Meyiwa and Kelly Khumalo being on opposite sides of the camp there is no denying that these two are getting FAT constant paychecks from just ‘uttering’ Senzo’s name.

It’s been two years since he has passed on and frankly, the man must be turning in his grave each time Kelly and Sam come forward with ‘new’ stories about Senzo.

Perhaps it is because his death is still shrouded in so much mystery that the public are willing to go for the crumbs.
Let’s be honest, Kelly Khumalo had all but faded from the limelight before Senzo’s death. Her career wasn’t much to talk about anymore just like her relevancy.

No one really knew Sam Meyiwa before his son’s death. The public spectacle that became his son’s death thrust him right in the middle of the limelight.

Now thanks to Senzo’s death Kelly is suddenly relevant and she’s doing interview after interview in which she craftily mentions Senzo’s name then she makes headlines. We haven’t heard a hit song from her in a while or an outstanding acting gig.

Same goes for Sam, the victim stance is getting tiring , just like the supposedly shocking ‘new revelations’ he has concerning his son’s death.

I doubt they’re give out all those interviews for free or from the kindness of their hearts.

They should let the man rest in peace. His widow Mandisa has all but moved on.

They should too.


Source: iMzansi



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