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In an unexpected turn of events, renowned South African musicians DJ Tira and Naakmusiq have reportedly patched things up and resumed their collaborative efforts in the studio. Contrary to previous speculations of animosity between them, it appears that the two artists have buried the hatchet and are back on amicable terms.

The Beef between DJ Tira and Naakmusiq

According to insider information from Zimoja, the rift between Tira and Naakmusiq traces back to financial disagreements that arose four years ago. Allegedly, Naakmusiq confronted Tira at his residence in Ruimsig, west of Johannesburg, demanding payment for all the earnings accrued from downloads. This dispute marked the end of their longstanding friendship, considering Naakmusiq’s affiliation with Tira’s label, Afrotainment.


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“They have successfully resolved their differences and are currently collaborating on new projects. After joining forces with Mayonie founder Zakhele ‘Zakes Bantwini’ Madida, they have completed that project and are now working on an independent venture,” shared an anonymous source. “Naakmusiq is thrilled to be working with Tira again, viewing him as the only producer who truly understands his music. Given their past successes, fans can expect outstanding music from this reunited duo.”

Studio embrace sparks mixed emotions among fans

Naakmusiq took to social media, sharing images of their studio sessions with the caption, “Studio camp day 4.” The pictures, featuring the artists embracing each other, sparked various reactions among social media users, with some playfully suggesting a deeper connection beyond friendship. Unfazed by the speculations, the musicians chose not to address the comments.

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Insiders close to both artists reveal that they have ironed out their past differences and are now committed to crafting new music that resonates with their fans. This news comes as a relief to followers who were concerned that the collaboration between these two talents might never happen again. With DJ Tira’s status as one of South Africa’s most prominent DJs and Naakmusiq’s reputation as a versatile actor, producer, and performer, their renewed partnership promises exciting prospects for the music industry.

Despite the buzz surrounding their reconciliation, DJ Tira and Naakmusiq have chosen to remain tight-lipped about their renewed friendship, leaving fans eager to see what musical masterpieces the reunited duo will create.

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