Thembi Seete AdultingThembi Seete Reveals Details About Her Tlof Tlof Scenes On Adulting [Image: @lesole_snap/Instagram]

Veteran actress Thembi Seete has spoken about her hot tlof tlof scenes in the upcoming season 2 of the viral Showmax series Adulting.


The Viral Showmax Show

Adulting is a drama series about the journey of four male friends to find love and success in modern-day South Africa. As they navigate the precarious currents of adulthood, they turn to each other for support. Tshedza Pictures, the same production company behind the International Emmy-nominated telenovela The River, created the show. The series stars Thembinkosi Mthembu, Luthando Mthembu, Thabiso Rammusi, and Nhanhla Kunene as the four friends.

Season 2 premieres on 4 December 2023, and the show is introducing Thembi Seete and other actresses like Samkelo Ndlovu and Nomalanga Shozi.

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Thembi Sete Talks About Her Tlof Tlof On Adulting

Thembi Sete, who played Gladys Dlamini on Gomora, spoke to TimesLIVE about her tlof tlof scenes on Adulting. She revealed that she had never played such a role before.

Thembi Seete Adulting
Thembi Seete Reveals Details About Her Tlof Tlof Scenes On Adulting [Image: @thembiseete_/Instagram]


Thembi commented:

“I’ve never played a rich, spoilt and glamorous lady. It’s always been township-based and I like to believe Portia also has a township background because I brought in that element as well. That’s the only part where I felt like this character is bringing something new.

“My intimate scenes have never been this intimate. It felt like it was my first time acting and that’s the beauty of acting. You can’t say you’re comfortable with it because acting introduces you to different characters and different personalities. The things you get to do are always different. So with this one, it came with a lot of things that shook me a bit and made me uncomfortable. But I also love being uncomfortable.”

“I know a lot of people will be like, ‘Thembi seems like she’s strict with herself and she’s a good role model’. But why are we so scared to talk about sex? Why are we scared to talk about intimacy? I think this stems from our parents because they were never comfortable talking to us about intimacy. But it should be handled with respect. These are the elements I thought about — to say ‘You know what? Sex is not a bad thing. It’s what created us.'”

Since this was her first time playing such a risque role, shooting her scenes was sometimes unsettling. Thembi thanked Luthando “BU” Mthembu, who plays Vuyani, for making her feel comfortable.

“He made me comfortable, so I don’t think about myself too much. That’s the beauty of acting — it allows you to forget about yourself and to wear this character. I was able to put Thembi aside and be about Portia. But it’s also a blessing and a cherry on top when you have a co-actor that is supportive and confident.”

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