Fiancé Bans Zahara FamilyZahara and her fiance Mpho Xaba (Images: Fakaza/The Citizen)

Fiancé Bans Zahara ‘s Family From Visiting Her In ICU

Zahara’s family and her fiancé, Mpho Xaba, are not in good books.

Word has it that things have become frosty so much between Mpho and his future in-laws that he’s decided they can’t pop by and visit Zahara in the hospital.

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Hospital Visit Drama: Fiancé Mpho Bans Zahara ‘s Family Amidst Money Talks

As per a source who spoke to ZiMoja, Mpho Xaba banned Zahara’s family from visiting the songstress after he overheard them speaking about unsettling money issues yet they are not willing to pay for her medical bills.

The source spilled the beans, claiming that Mpho told the hospital staff that Zahara’s mom, Nokhaya, and her siblings were not welcome in the ICU anymore

“This week an angry Xaba told hospital management and doctors treating Zahara that only himself will visit her, claiming her family wants to control everything yet they won’t pay for her hospital bills,” the source alleges, adding that, “Zahara family has been banned from visiting her after he overheard them discussing unsettling money issues yet they won’t pay for urgent medical procedures that need to be done to save her. Mpho put his foot down and said he’s Zahara husband.”

Interestingly, it was Zahara’s brother who stepped up and raised funds for additional tests when needed. The source shared,

“Zahara’s mom has been dragged into this situation because her sisters are too controlling. Remember when Zahara had to do more tests, it was his brother who raised the money, which ran into a few thousands of Rands.” 

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Manager Supports Fiance’s Decision

Now, when Zahara’s manager, Oyama Dyosiba, was asked to share his two cents, he jumped in to defend Mpho. According to Oyama, Mpho is just doing his duty as Zahara’s husband-to-be.

“That guy doing an amazing job and acting within his responsibilities. For Zahara to be in private hospital it is because of him. Zahara remains in hospital we can’t allow everyone to come in as they please. Her state is critical and sensitive. Until she is fully fine we can?t allow certain people,” he said.

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