Speaking yesterday in Nebraska, Trump said that Africans are slaves living like slaves in their own land yet they claim they are independent.

Trump was responding to a question by a South African journalist on whether he thinks African leaders were right to seek mass withdrawal from the Hague based International Criminal Court.

“It is shameful for African leaders to seek exit from ICC. In my view, these leaders want to have all the freedom to oppress their poor people without anyone asking them a question. I think there is no shortcut to maturity and in my view, Africa should be recolonized because Africans are still under slavery. Look at how those African leaders change constitutions in their favour so that they can be life presidents. They are all greedy and do not care about the common people” Said Trump

“When I saw them gang up against ICC yet they can’t even find an amicable solution for the ongoing quandary in Burundi, I thought to myself these people lack discipline and humane heart. They can’t lead by example. The only thing they are interested in is accumulating wealth from poor tax payers. Before they think of exiting from ICC, they should first restore peace in Burundi and other war-torn countries rather than gathering like hyenas with the aim of finishing the poor people” Added Trump.

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95 thoughts on ““African Presidents Are Greedy And Inhumane, Africa Should Be recolonized’ – Donald Trump”
  1. i don't know about you but am feeling this one. He really kept it simple for everyone to understand. The truth most be told for all to understand not few. Can you remember we were told to keep it simple when writing papers? You want your readers to understand what you are saying. The truth is told I agree with Trump on this one…..
    West African.

  2. Reuben Malgas he did not really mean that Africa should be colonized officially again, rather we should rethink our attitudes or behavior for one another bro, showing love!

  3. Reuben Malgas Why are we (African) still struggling? Why we are still talking about bread and butter issue when other nations are planning trip to the next planet to discover and add value to their society? Trump is right when he says African Leaders are greedy!

  4. When they (White Esau/Edomites) talk about Africans, they are talking about the Hamites (Caaninites – The Land of Caanin)… The Ones that stretch their necks, cut their flesh, devil worshippers and the ones that eat the brains of our Israelite ancestors before selling us to them (white Esua/ Edomites)… Whatever Hamites faith YAH speaks of it… NO AFRICAN KING CAME TO SAVE MY ANCESTORS FROM OUR OPPRESSOR, sooooooo…

  5. Honestly it is the international community that corrupt Africa leaders on top of that corrupt African leaders save their corrupt monies in the western countries. I think that leaders of the international should rather return all the corrupt monies of African Leaders to Africa.

  6. Hell yea! I didn't plan on voting for you but this one did it! you have my vote. Why? because I am African and nobody has ever had the guts to say what you just said.
    Obama on the otherhand invited murderers like Gambia's Yahya Jammeh in to the white house.
    Go Trump! And when you win, we will take them out one by one. Operation civic duty we will call it.

  7. Really, Wleh and others? Colonization of Africa again? Do you know what colonization did to Africa and Africans? What did the colonizing authorities do during their rule? Any election or accountability? I don't have the time to go on with this.

    Why can't anyone ask him about his own greed and corrupt ways of business practice? Going bankrupt several times and leaving every poor investors in the hole? Being described by your colleagues as fraud and whatever? Fake university? OMG, I cant go on; no time.

    We are suffering from the experiences left us by your forefathers…using humans for target practice, for starters. If you don't believe it ask an educated African-American.

    If African leaders should be held accountable by your international court,
    why not your leaders? African leaders never used atomic bombs. Never went to war against a country for weapon of mass destruction that never was. I really can't do this. I just wish LF could have a word or two with him – trump. In fact, don't waist your time, Honorable.

  8. I have two contradicting commonts with regard to D.Trump's stand especially in the African continent ( Leaders & the majority of peopels).For one thing,you are saying that "I will evict out the ones who are living in US who donot have Green cards or Temporary or permanent resident Cards " in Which majority of Africans are there due to economic and political cases.Onthe other hand, you are saying that “African Presidents Are Greedy And Inhumane, Africa Should Be recolonized".When you explained your view "Africans are slaves living like slaves in their own land & yet they assumed them selves as independent" Your explantion & sense of humanity is good but what is your real plan to support the degraded and under developed(poor peoples) of Africans if you become prisedents of the great USA ??? Is it by arresting Afican leaders as you said before Mossovoni & Mugabe and bring them before ICC??? what about the state sovernighty issue??? As I also stated in my comment of the firist pragraph in the second aligna: Is there any International law ( Human rights &: or humanitarian law or other treats or conventions, customary International laws ) which augmented(supported) Your stand to evict out residents from once country who are(were) victims of Economy(poorness or destitute),politics or war????
    To sum up my comment; how do you reconcile protecting African peoples' human rights Vis -a-vis evicting them out from US and thrown away them for "gathering of hyenas,Greedy and in human leaders" as You sated in your writing above????

  9. Now the Trump has it on the button, smack Bull’s eye right in the middle to the nearest milli-milli millimeter.

    All he now has to realize is that America of today is not far behind Africa and the sooner he starts de-Africanizing America the better.

  10. And in the meantime they are slaughtering my people in South Africa – white genocide – and the world doesn't give a damn or doesn't believe that it is really happening. To see how a country is torn down and destroyed – a country that my forefathers build up from nothing, a country that was once a first world country – it's not easy. And I have to stay silent – say nothing? My heart breaks every time I hear how old people were tortured, baby's shot in their heads, woman raped while the children and husband have to watch – yes this is what is happening in South Africa for real! And I must not hate? They are destroyers of good, they cannot and are not capable to rule any country. I've seen it with my own eyes. Don't try and convince me otherwise. So YES for Donald Trump!

  11. Trump's spin has an irresistable appeal to a special kind of idiot. One glance at the comments here confirms that. Half-wit ( one must be very stupid in this day age to think their pigmentantion / geography makes them magically special or supeior) racists flock around him and his rants nodding and drooling like flies around steaming sh*t.

  12. Orlando Aborigine blacks are the ones doing the raping, robbing and murdering in South Africa – it is called white genocide. black on white murders – 80000 murdered since 1994. Donald Trump to the rescue

  13. Leslie Roderick Dalubuhle Lunga . Dear Leslie, please come and visit South Africa for one week. Spend the week by talking to normal working class black people on the street and find out what attrocities are committed daily against them by people of their own race.

  14. you know whats the real irony? most commenters here are african (both in pigment and continent of birth)… seems like the only idiot here is YOU, since youre also commenting 😉 , well done racist idiot… logic is a WONDERFUL thing 😉

  15. Is very true .in fact if he can help us to .do that .like we will be happy .and will not go through meritolania see to come to Europe again .in fact God bless you.for telling us the truth.

  16. INjandini UGabbadiya Look at it this way. If all africans / Blacks who are unhappy with the USA were sent back to Africa they would soon appreciate what a wonderful caring country the USA is.
    Africa does not care for its people if anything they deliberately negelct them then play on the heart strings of the White west so as to shift resaponsibility away from their governments. More money for them.

  17. That is a subjective statement, In hindsight it all looks like it's the Afrikan leaders fault, I've never heard anyone take blame upon themselves (white people especially) for the dehumanizing of Black Africans, we were happy without you, we were striving, and you came and said Whoooo Lets sing Kumba Ya while you stole our resources, enslaved us and gave us Jesus inorder to tame us to not revolt against you. take it upon yourselves as the root cause of this mayhem before you can subject african leaders to scrutiny.

  18. I like to see my fellow africans so easly consumers of fallacies.

    Trump is tranforming a real consequence into an ablolute general reality.

    What Trumbp is not saying are the causes. Just that. He is intentionally avoiding the causes of all these of the current status quo of africa's peace and security that relies on Europeans greedy for our resources. Trump is not saying that western countries are paying the opostion to bring instability in the coutry. Truump is not saying that it was the Belgium who divided the same nation into Hutus and Thutsis. He is not saying that USA supported the rebels that killed Kadaf and today even their embassy is not there due to the high insecurity.

    Many africans will easly believe this falacy. i understand, this is the truth. But, lets explore what is beyond that reality.

    USA and Europe are not to help you. ICC? another tool to control africans and bring instability in Africa!!

  19. Leslie, I take it tha you are a fan of the greatest African leader of his time, Robert Mugabe who took the "bread basket" of Africa and mad it the poorest country in the world while still living in luxury? 6 Million Zimbabwens left their country due to 90% unemployment, but then who can argue with you then?
    Must we take neigbouring Mozambique? Congo?….?

  20. INjandini UGabbadiya you ever heard of Shaka Zulu? And do you know who sold the slaves to the Arabs and to Europeans? It was other Africans my man, greed has made Africans kill and sell each other since before the dawn of Christianity, I live in Africa and have lived in many part of Africa my entire life I was born here and so we're my forefathers, we have fought wars here and grown families here and there is one thing that I have noticed, Africans in power don't give a shit about anyone but themselves, that why we have millionaire politicians and starving children, that's why ancient African leaders sold their brothers and sisters to the Arabs in the north and the Europeans in the west, that's why Shaka and dingaan murdered hundreds of thousands of innocents, greed my friend is the real devil here, and until African leaders can learn to control that greed, the people will always suffer.

  21. I said earlier on that Trump hits where it hurts….about African leaders. They are out to with their croonies to lash at him. What action did AU take in Kenya before ICC came in?

  22. INjandini UGabbadiya…..us (WHITE PEOPLE) Are the reason South Africa became a 1St world in the first place and yes we did come here and take the land but not from you……from the koi! Yes what us(WHITE people) did was not right and will never have an excuse for it but are you going to cry over spilt milk over and over again? I mean the lvl of stupidity from this president is overwhelming….. You honestly think that we are the reason for this inhuman behaviour ? Go look at your president and what he buys with our money! Tax payers money!!!! Just so you know, you are one of them XD. This is not about race. This is about us all standing 2gtha and running this rich and talented country together and leaving the past in the past….we can live in the bitterness of the past or grow into what we once were….greatest hostage for I. The world and forces so strong we could take on about any world….but 2day we are living in a world where corruption rules all…well in sa that is

  23. True however every country in the world has corrupt politicians Africa takes it to a new level but instead of lambasting presidents help the poor children who are lucky if they get 1 meal a day you cant be the hero if you are watching and you say you know what is happening colonization in not the answer we just need our people who to understand apartheid cannot be the problem anymore you cannot blame corruption on apartheid vote in another party like the DA give them a chance

  24. Graham I'm not privileged at all. living in my native land is not a privilege. you are privileged for being here. And you had the courtesy to rob, kill and dehumanize people who were here before you, that's taking privileges on another level don't you think? I know you will throw the Koi card. do as yiu may

  25. South Africa is not the tradegy you make it out to be. You make it sound like there is absolutely nothing and no hope in South Africa. Which is wrong. There are alot of challenges being faced but we are definitely not living out in the sticks. We are a global player in the world. Coming from a white person living in South Africa I choose to live here and continue to make a contribution ××× please give us in SA more dignity than that

  26. That Trump is right, but his wording is very bad. How can he talk about Africa to be colonized again, this man doesn't have heart. Today Europe is rich because of our minerals and we are suffering all the consequences. I think this Trump is the son of one of the colonist, he must go to hell. This is our Africa no one can tell us how to rule it. I had he was talking about rapist and slaves, we forget that his grant father were trading slave and some of the slave were raped. Trump you must think before you talk, i don't blame the African leader to enrich themself, Reason why, because the colonist were enriching them self to the African minerals.

  27. Werner Van Schalkwyk except that I happen to be a "black" African who's lived in Africa all his life. A "black" African in fact who left Zimbabwe after Mugabe fucked it up. Having lived and worked in Johannesburg for 7 years I have caught and and beaten my share of thieves. But by your collective reasoning I should count myself among them by virtue of my skin color?

    Hell I was even robbed by a white guy and his girlfriend once while working in Randburg and the crowd let them walk on my request. And guess what? I didn't walk away spouting a lot of nonsense about whites and crime because I know that crime follows poverty, not melanin or lack thereof.

    The shacks you drive by everyday in SA should scare you more than the melanin levels of their inhabitants. If you do not share your wealth and stability with the poor they will share their desperation and instability with you. Regardless of their race or more accurately regardless of your outdated and uninformed views on race.

    This "us vs them" attitude is futile, moreso when "them" is the overwhelming majority and they are not going anywhere. Unless we learn to live together and put to bed silly biases and prejudices the chasm between "white" and "black" will continue to widen creating a society no one wants to live in.

  28. Leslie Roderick Dalubuhle Lunga … one simple question… WHY is it that here in SA where the ruling majority is Black & has been in power for a quarter of a century, the tiny White minority is STILL blamed for all the woes that beset the economy & the country as a whole??? Where else in the World does such a totally ridiculous attitude prevail amongst the governing majority???
    Answer… Nowhere! SAs leaders corruption & greed are the real problem… NOT the White minority.

  29. African countries are largely governed by greedy self serving despots & this is why the people are so poor…STOP blaming the Whites for all your woes…Get of your perches & eradicate corruption, elect honest leaders & stop feeling sorry for yourselves.

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