King of Squats AmazuluKing of Squats Nyawolomshini, also known as Nkululeko Dlamini (image: TikTok)

Disheartening Deception: Amazulu FC Leaves King of Squats High and Dry

Nyawolomshini, also known as Nkululeko Dlamini, who recently earned popularity as the “King of Squats” on social media, found himself and his team squatting in a car in Durban, KwaZulu after being left stranded.

A former football player turned fitness coach, Nyawolomshini had been scheduled to lead a fitness class at a boot camp in Moses Mabhida Stadium. Little did he know he was in for a disheartening surprise.

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Disappointment and Apologies: ‘King of Squats’ Shares Frustration

Accompanied by his team, the Tser Life Team consisting of 20 members, they found themselves spending the night in their cars. Nyawolomshini had been invited to Durban to participate in the Amazulu Football Club Bootcamp scheduled for Saturday.

In his conversation with ZiMoja, Nyawolomshini expressed his disbelief at being ghosted by the organizers. He said,

“I am still shaking and in disbelief that people can treat us like that. My team and I had to sleep in the cars because none of the organisers picked up our calls.”

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Disheartening Deception: ‘King of Squats’ Abandoned by Amazulu FC

He also issued an apology to those who had paid R125 to attend, hoping they would be refunded for the event’s no-show.

“We had no choice but to travel back to Jozi – we wasted money and our time. I would like to apologise to whoever paid, I hope they will be refunded,” he added.

The invitation had advertised a fee of R125 for participation and read: “Amazulu Bootcamp powered by Siko Republik, Durban, 28 October 2023, at Moses Mabhida Amphitheatre from 8 am to 10 am.”

Nyawolomshini, known for his fitness routines involving squats, aerobics, and bum tightening, kept his TikTok followers updated on their stranded situation. He explained that he had personally covered the expenses of the trip from Johannesburg to Durban, anticipating payment after the boot camp, as agreed with the organisers.

“I spent over R20 000 for transport, the driver, toll gates, food dor the crew. You know when you travel as a group things are more expensive. I’m really disappointed in both AmaZulu and Siko to be honest,’ he lamented.

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Organisers Contacted For Comment

When the same publication reached out to Amazulu spokesperson Philani Ndlela for their side of the story, he declined to comment on the matter. On the other hand, Siko Republik, the clothing company behind the event, confirmed their booking of Nyawolomshini and his team for the boot camp. However, Jabu Gwala from Siko chose not to provide further comments, saying, “Kindly call us again; we can’t comment at the moment.”

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