Ambitiouz Entertainment workers unpaidAmbitiouz Entertainment former workers remain unpaid-Image Source@wikipedia

Ambitiouz Entertainment former workers are levelling accusations against the record label’s CEO, Kgosi Mahumapelo. Despite winning a CCMA case filed against him last year, the disgruntled employees claim they have not received their due payments.

According to ZiMoja, in May of the previous year, these dissatisfied individuals approached the CCMA. They filed grievances against Mahumapelo for non-payment of salaries covering months of service.

Arbitration Award and Unfulfilled Promises

Thando Galebosiwe, one of the affected employees, shared the financial strain she endured due to the unpaid wages. Galebosiwe revealed that she had to deplete her savings, emphasizing the ongoing emotional toll despite securing a new job. “I want him to pay me my money; dealing with the court case has been traumatic,” she expressed. Galebosiwe, owed almost R100K by the music mogul, alleged Mahumapelo’s non-compliance with a court order mandating compensation for the unpaid months.

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Kgosi Mahumapelo
Ambitiouz Entertainment Boss-Image Source@zimoja

Another former employee, Kgothatso Mokgohlwa, disclosed that Mahumapelo had committed to settling payments in July of the previous year after losing the case. However, Mokgohlwa claimed Mahumapelo has since avoided their attempts at communication. In WhatsApp messages seen by ZiMoja, Kgothatso expressed financial distress, mentioning bounced debit orders, but received no response.

Mahumapelo’s Response

When approached for comment, Mahumapelo stated, “I cannot comment officially on this matter because all those employees signed contracts, which are confidential. I cannot breach the employer/employee confidentiality.”

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Ambitiouz Entertainment’s relationship with artists

The record label is notoriously known for short-changing its artists from their contracts. Many artists have left the label complaining about how they do not get paid for their work.

Musicians like Emtee, Makhadzi and many more have gone public with their grievances with Ambitiouz Entertainment.

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