Cyan Boujee SchoolchildrenCyan Boujee Dances Suggestively For Schoolchildren [Image: @cyan.boujee24/Instagram]

South Africans on social media are up in arms with controversial slay queen Cyan Boujee after she danced suggestively for schoolchildren.

Cyan Boujee, born Honour Zuma, is currently on a school tour. She is going around schools, speaking to and offering words of motivation to school children.

On Valentine’s Day, she visited one Johannesburg school, and it was absolute chaos.

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Cyan Boujee Dances For Schoolchildren

The moment she emerged onto the stage of the school’s hall, the children lost their minds and started screaming their lungs out. Some almost busted the barriers to catch a closer glimpse of Cyan, while others cried joyfully.

The school then gave Cyan Boujee the microphone, and she dished out motivation, much to the surprise and chagrin of Mzansi. After speaking, one of the male students at the school walked up to her, bent on one knee and offered her a Valentine’s Day flower. A chuffed Cyan then hugged the boy, who couldn’t help but blush.


Cyan Boujee Schoolchildren
Cyan Boujee Dances Suggestively For Schoolchildren [Image: @cyan.boujee24/Instagram]


Afterwards, it was show time. One of the students joined her on stage, and Cyan started dancing with her, shaking her BBL nyash. The schoolchildren could not help but scream in jubilation and excitement. Watch the video below.



Mzansi Ready For War

Tweeps online expressed reservations as Cyan Boujee danced suggestively and motivated schoolchildren.


“This won’t happen in the private schools where our politicians send their kids for schooling…😭😭😭”


“The principal of this school must be held responsible for this.”


“It is problematic that ‘influencers’ just enter school premises to ‘motivate’ learners like this. How?🤨”


“How paradoxical, offering encouragement and then engaging in prostitution. And to think the teachers permitted it 🤦🏽‍♀️, especially considering she doesn’t even possess a matric certificate.”


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