Babalwa Mneno Takes Legal Action Against Inno Morolong for DefamationBabalwa Mneno Takes Legal Action Against Inno Morolong for Defamation (Image Credit: Instagram)

Babalwa Mneno Takes Legal Action Against Inno Morolong for Defamation

Prominent socialite and television personality Babalwa Mneno has filed a lawsuit against reality TV star Inno Morolong, alleging defamation over derogatory statements made about her on social media.

Babalwa Mneno is seeking a public apology from Morolong, demanding that the defamatory statements be retracted from all social media platforms and three newspapers.

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Babalwa Mneno Files Lawsuit Against Inno Morolong for Defamation

Legal documents obtained by ZiMoja reveal that Babalwa Mneno claims Inno Morolong made several false and damaging statements about her on various social media accounts. These statements, including accusations of drug use and promiscuity, have caused significant distress to Mneno and have had a detrimental impact on her reputation.

Mneno is determined to protect her name and reputation, vowing to take all necessary measures to clear her name. She has already engaged a legal team to pursue legal action against Morolong, with the intention of resolving the matter in court.

As of now, Inno Morolong has not issued a statement in response to the allegations. However, it is anticipated that she will contest the claims made against her. If found guilty of defamation, Morolong may face substantial damages and legal costs.

Protecting Reputation: Babalwa Mneno Determined to Clear Her Name and Seek Public Apology

Babalwa Mneno emphasizes that defamation is a serious matter with severe consequences for both the accuser and the accused. She highlights the importance of considering the impact of one’s words and actions, particularly in the realm of social media, where statements can quickly spread and cause harm. Mneno is confident that her legal team will handle the matter effectively, asserting that she has evidence of Morolong’s alleged bullying, which has led to the loss of job opportunities.

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