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Babes Wodumo Faces Scandal as Makeup Artist Reveals Shocking Details of Debt Drama

Gqom singer Babes Wodumo, real name Bongekile Simelane, is being accused of not paying her makeup artist, Pearl Mhlongo (22), for a job done back in 2021.

Pearl, who runs Pearlisiwe Make-Up and Skincare in Durban, claims Babes owes her a modest R1,200.

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Babes Wodumo Fails To Pay Makeup Artist

In a chat with ZiMoja, Pearl Mhlongo recounted how she landed the gig as Babes Wodumo’s makeup artist. Their first encounter went smoothly, with Babes paying her in cash. This led to Pearl becoming her regular makeup artist, visiting Babes at her Westville house for makeup sessions, each time getting paid in cash.

However, the trouble started when Pearl wasn’t paid on the spot for a particular job because Babes allegedly didn’t have anyone available to drive her to a nearby mall for cash withdrawal.

“Babes invited me to come do her face. I went there and did my thing and left without being paid as she promised to pay the next day because she wanted me to come back again to do her face again,” Pearl explained, expressing her frustration before adding,

“She is always coming up with excuses. I’m not looking for fame or want to destroy her. All I want is my money for the service rendered. I have been quiet about this for two years. I don’t understand how is she failing to pay me R1 200 when she gets gigs. I don’t understand. I think she is taking advantage because I’m a young woman who is trying to run her make-up business. All I want is my money.”

Efforts to reach Babes for comment were unsuccessful as she hung up when asked about the alleged debt. Her manager and older sister, Nondumiso, clarified that it was not Babes who owed the money but her deceased Personal Assistant, Sthembile.

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Negotiations Turn Sour: Manager’s Side of the Story

Nondumiso claimed she tried negotiating with Pearl’s mother, but instead of discussing an agreement, she faced threats and insults.

“Babes doesn’t owe the young lady but the late Sthembile (Former PA) is the one who owes the young lady. I tried to reason with the mother of the young lady. She has been causing her drama on social media telling people she has been communicating with Babes since 2021. Mind you Babes and I had no idea. When I try and reason with the angry mom and ask her for proof of a convo from 2021 with any member of our team, she doesn’t send it. Instead, she demands R1 200 with threats and insults. Can you pay anyone without any proof of an agreed amount? If she carries on wanting to trend by trashing Babes’ name when she is innocent, it’s okay but she must know that such is a crime. Babes have been through so much and just because she saw Babes trending because of her breath-taking performance, she thinks, ‘Oh well let me crush and make her trend badly… that’s on her,” she said. Her sister is demanding proof. She knows that it’s a lie, Babes does book appointments. The PA does and it’s the PA who pays. With proof, trust me, I would have just paid her to get her off our backs and move on. Her threats are uncalled for,” Nondumiso explained.

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