Thabo Smol Zodwa WabantuBlack Motion Member Thabo Smol Talks About How He Smashed Zodwa Wabantu [Image: Instagram]

Musical group Black Motion member Thabo Smol has spoken about how he smashed controversial dancer Zodwa Wabantu.


The Juicy Encounter

In 2021, the TL went haywire after Zodwa told Lasizwe Dambuza that she had an intimate moment with Thabo Smol. The two were not in a relationship at that time.

She said:

“The famous person that I had s_x with, I think, three weeks ago was Thabo of Black Motion. Yes, we had s_x. It’s not a secret. Apparently, he has a girlfriend, but that’s none of my business. Yes siyanyobana (we are having s_x). It’s not a secret. If it’s a secret, that would mean that I’m doing something dirty. Why would I make that a secret? I’m not having s_x with a married man like other girls do. Thabo is not married.” 

After going viral, Thabo Smol posted a video on social media confirming that, indeed, he had eaten Zodwa:

“I was also not seeing anyone else at the time; hence, I did what I did; please respect the mother of my child; it is fine if you judge me; I don’t care. Ke jile ke jile.”

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Thabo Smol Talks About His Encounter With Zodwa Wabantu

Thabo Smol Zodwa Wabantu
Black Motion Member Thabo Smol Talks About How He Smashed Zodwa Wabantu [Image: Instagram]


Last week, Thabo had an interview with MacG on Podcast And Chill. The podcaster asked him about his moment with Zodwa.

Thabo revealed that he hung out with Zodwa some other time in 2021. The dancer-turned-sangoma was very direct and clear with Thabo and told him she wanted to chow him.

Thabo had no problems with this, and the two had a wild time.

Later, MacG decided to call Zodwa and confirm how long Thabo Smol lasted when they were having a good time. Zodwa then told MacG that Thabo might be small, but he is a beast in the act. She confirmed that he takes his time and is an exceptional performer.


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