Busiswa Baby Daddy MaintenanceBusiswa and Kaygee The Vibe (Image: ZiMoja)

Busiswa Takes Baby Daddy DJ Kaygee to Court for Neglecting Son

Busiswa Gqulu has dragged her baby daddy Katlego “DJ Kaygee The Vibe” Mlangeni to court for allegedly failing to provide financial support for their seven-year-old son.

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Relationship History

Before his relationship with Busiswa, Kaygee had a child with his childhood sweetheart, Carole Pasha, but they parted ways when Busiswa entered the picture.

In 2018, Busiswa gave birth to their son after becoming pregnant earlier that year. The couple shared the joyous news of their baby boy’s arrival. Expressing her gratitude, Busiswa posted on social media,

“As we put all our faith in you my lord @kaygee_thevibe thank you for being with me through this journey.”

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Separation and Allegations

The relationship took a turn in 2019 when Kaygee reportedly found Busiswa in a compromising situation with her friend, producer, and DJ Themba Kubheka. Allegedly, Kaygee confronted them, resulting in a physical altercation. However, Kaygee denied putting his hands on Busiswa and claimed he found them in a compromising situation. According to Kaygee’s account of the incident, he returned home and noticed a Polo vehicle parked where he usually parked.

“I got into the house and it was unlocked and seems like they decided to do a quickie. So, I entered the bedroom and I caught them having sex on the same bed I sleep on everyday. I took a snippet of the video because I noticed they could hear me. I started physically fighting Marc (Themba),” he narrated about the heartbreaking incident at the time.

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Busiswa Drags Baby Daddy DJ Kaygee to Maintenance Court

A close friend of Kaygee revealed that since their separation, Kaygee’s support for their child has been inconsistent, largely due to the seasonal nature of his job as a DJ and producer, which relies on bookings.

Despite knowing Kaygee’s financial situation, Busiswa pursued legal action to secure child support through the courts.

“He is a DJ and a producer. We know, the job is seasonal and depends on bookings. He has not been doing well and Busiswa knows that but she has taken him to maintenance court,” he added.

Last week, Busiswa initiated a maintenance case against her former partner, citing his failure to provide financial support for their child. According to reports, it’s unclear when Kaygee last contributed financially.

“She has every right to do so. No mother should be raising the child alone.” the friend added.

When contacted for comment, Busiswa’s manager, Bulie Nazo, declined to discuss the matter, stating that personal affairs are not up for discussion and that he is solely responsible for Busiswa’s professional matters, not her personal life. Despite efforts to reach him, Kaygee was unavailable for comment.

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