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DBN Gogo, the renowned musician, is once again in the spotlight after showing sneakers she had bought her ex-boyfriend. A video showcasing the sneakers she purchased for her ex-lover, Focalistic and musician Pabi Cooper, has become a viral sensation on various social media platforms.

The controversial blogger, Musa Khawula, couldn’t resist sharing the clip on his Twitter page, further intensifying the situation.

In his tweet, Musa Khawula revealed:

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The Public Reacts To The Video

The video quickly garnered attention from netizens, sparking a multitude of opinions in the comment section. Some expressed the belief that buying shoes for a man is a risky venture, with one user humorously suggesting, “When we get a chance, can we meet and discuss how we can proceed with our lives without umjolo?”

Others echoed similar sentiments, emphasizing the potential pitfalls of gifting shoes in a relationship. The debate extended to the value of material possessions in relationships, with one user stating, “Indoda ayithengelwa izicathulo ihamba ingabheki emuva,” loosely translating to “A man is not won over by material possessions; he looks at what’s behind them.”

DBN Gogo Dating BU
DBN Gogo Now Dating Adulting Actor BU [Image: @dbngogo/Instagram]

DBN Gogo’s Dilemma

Some netizens questioned why DBN Gogo still held onto the sneakers. One user suggested, “Haibo she must sell them or take them back. Kanti, why is she keeping them? That’s a lot of money.” Another proposed, “She can still return them if they are still in the boxes mos.”

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Whether one believes in the curse of buying shoes for a significant other or not, one thing is evident: DBN Gogo’s sneaker surprise has ignited substantial conversation.

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