University comes with a modicum of freedom unlike in high school where everything is governed including going from a bathroom break.

While lecturers expect silence and attention during their classes they don’t normally impose it as they’re of the mind that everyone is a reasonable adult.

During an evening lecture for post grad students two ‘adults’ were busy stimulating each other during a lecture oblivious to the presence of their classmates.

With only a handful of students inside the semi-dark auditorium there were no prying eyes except for one student whose eyes wandered in the wrong direction.

“I swear I wasn’t spying on them, we all know they were a couple so I just took a glance and I realised they were right in the middle of it. I shared the pic with a few friends and before long it went viral” Mbali, a post grad student responsible for the picture spoke to iMzansi.

“Sorry I won’t name anyone. I think this is embarrassing enough and it has gone out of hand” she added.

Any attempts on our part to interview the two has been quite taxing as they wish to remain out of the public eye. The pic as it is, has done enough damage.

Source: imzansi



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