What started out as shock initially overlapped into disbelief when a baboon was caught right on the steering wheel of a cross border truck.
Instead of the driver, it was the furry creature clearly in control of things in the truck.
It’s not known whether this baboon is an intelligent ‘pet’ showcasing its skills or there is something else at work.

This baboon was spotted by one of the attendants at a petrol station.
“The driver came in around 2am for a refill, he spoke to me nicely and waited for his tank to fill up while he stood outside” Lungile, the petrol station attendant said.
“As he was leaving I turned to give him a final wave and instead of him I saw a baboon. I thought I was hallucinating at first but it turned out to be what I was actually seeing”

According to Lungile his colleagues and friends didn’t believe him until he showed them a photo. They still thought it was a photoshop trick on his part.

The name of the driver is unknown as they didn’t exchange much except pleasantries. The truck however belongs to a truck company based in Polokwane. We could not reach them for comments as they refused to speak on record.

Real life is stranger than fiction indeed.

Source: imzansi



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