Another self styled pastor has hit the news yet again for all the wrong reasons.

Pastor Desmond Ihejirika who is based in Pretoria is the latest in line to join men of God who practice weird church rituals.

The pastor has taken exorcism and cleansing to a whole new level. The demon possessed victims are given a bath in water mixed with anointed oil.
Pastor Desmond sees to it that he bathes the victims himself in their full form of und_ress.

“These men are coming from their countries trying to make a living then they turn into pastors to gain followers” one social commentator echoed.

“Where in the Bible does it say people should have nak_ed baths with their pastors to get rid of evil spirits”

Although it could not be established why the pastor had undertaken such a bizarre act in the name of religion, the morality of the self-styled pastor is unacceptable.

In recent years a number of controversial churches have emerged and surprisingly these churches have managed to attract the attention of socially disadvantaged people.

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