Covid-19: Gauteng’s DBE Promises Full Payment To Youth Volunteers

Covid-19: Gauteng's DBE Promises Full Payment To Youth Volunteers

Covid-19: Gauteng’s DBE promises full payment to youth volunteers

By Daniel Itai, Johannesburg, South Africa

Gauteng’s Department of Basic Education (DBE) has promised to pay up the salaries of youths that are taking part in assisting with COVID-19 screening within schools.

In April, at least 10 000 volunteers were hired by Gauteng’s DBE prior to the reopening of schools but many have been crying over the issue of non-salary payment. The spokesperson of Gauteng’s DBE, Steve Mabona:

“We are very sorry to note that some haven’t yet received their salaries but I can assure you that 90 percent have already been paid. All the salaries of June up to September were all paid in full although they might be some technicalities here and there which we are working on.

Another issue which might make some not to receive their salaries is the issue of verification, deployment and time sheets because some only worked for two weeks and disappeared but am really sorry to those that haven’t yet received payment but we are working on that if anyone has queries pertaining to their salary payment they should feel free to contact the department for assistance.”

However, some have since refuted that they have had their monthly payments citing that it was now having a huge toil on their financial wellbeing as they have to now suit their own bill interns of transport costs and other expenses with Principals not being empathetic with them but wanting them to report for duty whether or not they have received payment.

Moreover, the program enrolled by the Gauteng’s DBE in hiring youths is amongst one of the many programs that President, Cyril Ramaphosa is looking at enrolling throughout the country as a way of alleviating youth unemployment.

However, many of the country’s political leaders have since critised it over the issue of its duration as most of the jobs are on a contract basis, and once that certain project is finished the youths get back to being unemployed.


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