DJ Maphorisa Kabza De SmallDJ Maphorisa and Kabza De Small (Image: Instagram)

DJ Maphorisa Sparks Beef Rumours with Collaborator Kabza De Small

DJ Maphorisa’s recent rant has left South Africans wondering if he and his Scorpion Kings collaborator Kabza De Small are beefing.

Taking to his official Instagram account, DJ Maphorisa expressed frustration over being constantly bombarded with questions about Kabza De Small’s whereabouts.

The renowned producer even went to the extent of clarifying that he and Kabza are not joined at the hip and lead separate lives.

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The Instagram Live Incident: DJ Maphorisa’s Outburst

The issue arose during a recent Instagram Live session when viewers inquired about Kabza De Small’s location, given that the two artists are often seen together. Together, they form the Amapiano group known as the Scorpion Kings and have released music as a duo.

The question seemed to strike a nerve with DJ Maphorisa, who took offence to the inquiries and vented his frustration during the Instagram Live session. He firmly requested that Instagram users refrain from asking him about Kabza De Small as if he were responsible for keeping tabs on his whereabouts.

He urged his followers to go to Kabza De Small’s Instagram page and ask him on their own. He emphasised that Kabza has his own life and just because they are friends they must not always be together.

DJ Maphorisa said,

“You people like asking me about Kabza like we’re married. Kabza is married, he has a wife, are you mad? Stop asking me about him like I’m marking a register. He has his own house and studio, now I must always be with him? Go to his Instagram and ask him yourself. Where’s your mother and your granny? I brought some positive energy here, and now you’re asking about Kabza. Does he not have a life that he must always be with me? Are we dating?”

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Speculations and Reactions: Are DJ Maphorisa and Kabza De Small Beefing?

While others found the whole incident amusing there were some who were quick to suggest that DJ Maphorisa and kabza De Small are beefing. They pointed out how DJ Maphorisa got irritated when he was asked about the whereabouts of someone who should be his close friend. Here are some of the comments:


Something definitely happened, you can’t just get mad when being asked about someone you’re on good terms with. This is how you behave when someone asks about your ex.


Where there is smoke, there is fire. Something is going on.


There’s definitely something going on between them because why is he genuinely frustrated about the question?


Are they beefing?

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