DJ Maphorisa Mocks SchoolDJ Maphorisa (Image: YouTube)

DJ Maphorisa Mocks People Going To School, Sparks Debate with Claims About Wealth and Education

DJ Maphorisa has sparked controversy on social media by stating that accumulating wealth is not achievable through education.

The award-winning versatile producer dropped some valuable nuggets on how to make money in the current economic conditions.

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DJ Maphorisa Mocks School and Ignites Wealth vs Education Debate

In no uncertain terms, DJ Maphorisa emphasized that his substantial wealth could not have been amassed solely through education.

Known to his fans as Madumane, the DJ shared a video shedding light on a key reason why many people struggle financially. According to the video, the conventional school system fails to nurture critical thinking and entrepreneurial skills in children. He captioned the video with a pointed remark:

“U see why u dnt have millions; stay with ur ENGLISH n be educated”

The video in question can be viewed below:

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Diverse Opinions from Netizens

As anticipated, Maphorisa’s post on X (formerly Twitter) elicited diverse reactions from other users. The prevailing sentiment was that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach in life, and what works for one person might not work for another. Here is what other users had to say:


Do both, go to school get your degree and start a side hustle as well, do everything.


At the end of the day, you are gonna need people to work in your business. Just decide which lane you want.


In life, there is no manual. You can be successful without school, and you can also be successful with school.


Lol there are employees that make more bags than you. To get millions, it will depend on how valuable you are to the corporation.


..I.e , they went to school. Took a great deal of advanced mathematics- something you wouldn’t learn from a “studio session”. If not for them, they wouldn’t be any twitter to show off your “wealth”. Also, you wouldn’t even know what a gear is. Good like drifting your fancy BMW

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Early Entrepreneurial Spirit Revealed

In a previous post on social media, DJ Maphorisa revealed how he used to hustle during his high school days. He shared a throwback picture of himself with three bags, which, contrary to expectations, were not filled with textbooks or food. Instead, they contained sweets that he sold to fellow students, showcasing his early entrepreneurial endeavours.

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