Developing – In an effort to protect the well being and health of ‘desperate citizens’ from the current wave of insect spray which is  being ‘abused’ by local pastors, the South African Minister of Health has come up with a preventive measure to protect citizens who might fall prey to the ‘Doom’ Pastor.

According to an interview aired on Metro Fm earlier today,Mr Aaron Motsoaledi insisted that Doom insect spray is dangerous for human skin especially sensitive parts like the eyes,adding that it was ‘not healthy’ and would not leave the situation as it is.

“How can one be fooled into believing that a normal insect spray can bring miracles ?We have imposed a three-month jail term with no option of a fine on anyone caught on the wrong side of the law,with effect from 25 November no one will be allowed to sell or buy the product,it’s now illegal”,fumed the Minister.

Surprisingly,the ‘Doom Pastor’ has since fired back on his Instagram account in response to the government claims,saying that he will be ‘patiently waiting’ for the government to arrest him.

“I have done nothing wrong,it’s not fair for them to start ‘forcing’ laws on me,Doom has been there for many years,they are creating more problems for themselves.

“I will be patiently waiting for them to arrest me and we will see who is going to win”,said Prophet Lethebo Rabalago.

When Doom manufacturer,Tiger brands was asked what they think about the ban of their product,they insisted that they were against the use of the product ‘in churches’ and would appeal against the government decision.

Source : iMzansi



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