A Mokopane father has stabbed his son to death after complaining the child was not studying hard enough for a school entrance exam.

Mandla, 12, was rushed to hospital after the incident but died from blood loss, according to the local police reports.

The police spokesman Mr Zolani Buthelezi declined to provide further details of the motive as this is a very sensitive case. He only gave a brief summary saying “The father stabbed his son in the chest with a kitchen knife.”

Msizi Ndlovu, the child’s father, told the police in a statement that he “argued with his son for not studying” for an entry test for a private junior high school which he had got a bursary from.

He was arrested after local police received a phone call from hospital staff following the boy’s death.

Mr Ndlovu reportedly explained to police that he stabbed his son “by mistake”, saying he just wanted to scare the boy. His child’s entrance at the private school was going to lessen his finacial burdens so he felt frustrated a let down when his son did not get the place.

Trying to get a better understanding of the relationship between father and son the police took to interviewing the neighbours. A very close neighbout who asked her name to be witheld from the press said she used to see Mandla locked outisde for misbehvaing. Another neighbour who also requested anonimity said Msizi is a man with a volitile temper and shouts at his son more that what 12 year old has to endure.

Msizi was all tears in the police station as he was asked to give a description of everything which happened.

“I loved my son so much and I still love him. I don’t know what came over me. I hope the public forgives me” he sobbed. The public which includes the community members is planning a demonstration at the court to make sure Msizi never sees the outside of a jail cell.

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