Zuluboy suesZuluboy wants to sue Umkhokha: The Curse-Image Source@X

South African actor Zuluboy has promised to sue the team at Umkhokha: The Curse after he was promised a role that was later given to another talent.

Zuluboy shared with a publication that he is willing to fight for fairness in the entertainment industry and production houses not to mistreat actors.

This came after the actor, Mxolisi Madjozi, shared that he had gotten the role of Mlungisi on the Mzansi Magi show Umkhokha: The Curse, but the role was recast without warning.

The role of Mlungisi was given to Nkanyiso Mchunu, an actor in My Brother’s Keeper, and Zuluboy was not warned about the change in the cast.

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Zuluboy shared that he even relocated for the role and has moved from his original city. In his statement to the media, he said:

They recast me without letting me know. And I had flown all the way to Durban. I was living for seven days in a boutique hotel in La Lucia.

Zuluboy sues Umkhokha
Zuluboy wants to sue Umkhokha: The Curse-Image Source@X

The production crew even delivered the scripts to the actor, but he was never contacted to start shooting scenes.

Later, when he realised he had been played, the actor tried to have amicable and peaceful talks with the team, but they made an offer to him, which he found insulting.

Zuluboy wants to take legal action and sue Umkhokha: The Curse

The actor has shared that he is taking legal action because he feels that actors and artists in Mzansi are not given the respect they deserve.

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He goes on to share that many artists fear speaking up because they fear being cancelled. Zuluboy, however, says he is not scared to take a stand against the unfair treatment anymore.

His legal team is working with the production team to decide if they will settle the case in or outside of court. Rhythm World Production, which is Umkhokha: The Curse’s production house, is yet to respond publicly to the allegations made by the actor.

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