Actor Xolani Mayekiso Acquitted Amid Attempted Rape AllegationsActor Xolani Mayekiso Acquitted Amid Attempted Rape Allegations (Image Credit: Instagram)

Xolani Mayekiso Acquitted of Attempted Rape Charges: Former ‘The Queen’ Actor’s Legal Victory

Former ‘The Queen’ actor, Xolani Mayekiso, has been acquitted of attempted rape charges.

The recent legal development saw the Pretoria Magistrates Court withdraw the case due to insufficient evidence.

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Accuser’s Account: Allegations of Forceful Misconduct on a Rainy Day

According to Zimoja, the charges against Mayekiso were laid by an unnamed woman in October, accusing the actor of inappropriate conduct during an incident on a rainy day.

The woman claimed that Mayekiso allegedly asked her to sit in his car, where he forcefully pulled down her pants, leaving her feeling violated. Subsequently, she filed a case of attempted rape at the Pretoria West Police Station.

Police Confirmation: Case Withdrawn Due to Insufficient Evidence

Gauteng police spokesperson Colonel Mavela Masondo, confirmed the opening of the case and stated,

I can confirm that a case of attempted rape was opened last year at the Pretoria West police station, and the suspect appeared in court last month where the case was withdrawn, as there was not enough evidence.”

Mayekiso pleaded not guilty to the charges during the court proceedings. Colonel Masondo clarified that the withdrawal of a case doesn’t preclude the possibility of reopening it if new evidence emerges. However, until such evidence comes to light, Mayekiso remains free.

Silenced Narratives: Woman Speaks Amid Protection Order and Social Media Outcry

The woman, who also obtained a protection order against Mayekiso, refrained from commenting extensively on the case. In a social media post, she expressed frustration, stating,

I was attacked for no good reason by a lying, sickening man. Never kissed him. Didn’t even know his name until I had to Google him the next day at the court office. I said no. I said stop. What more should women do?” she wrote.

Despite efforts to obtain a comment from Mayekiso, there has been no response as of yet. The legal victory for the former actor raises questions about the complexities surrounding such cases and the challenges faced by those involved.

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