Ntombifuthi 'Mam Madlala' Dlamini's Rise to Fame Journey InspiresNtombifuthi Dlamini aka 'Mam Madlala' (Image Credit: Instagram/ntombifuthy.dlamini)

From Cleaner to Uzalo Star: Ntombifuthi ‘Mam Madlala’ Dlamini’s Rise to Fame Journey Inspires

In a true rags-to-riches tale, Uzalo actress Ntombifuthi ‘Mam Madlala’ Dlamini has captured the hearts of viewers with her on-screen charisma. But behind the glitz and glamour, her journey from being a cleaner to a celebrated actress is nothing short of inspiring.

Known for her captivating portrayal of the bubbly character Mam Madlala on South Africa’s hit drama series Uzalo, Ntombifuthi Dlamini has become a household name.

A Chance Encounter: From Church Extra to Main Role

Ntombifuthi has been open about her own remarkable story of overcoming adversity. Before her breakthrough in the entertainment industry, she worked as a janitor at a local hospital in Durban, struggling to make ends meet.

Her journey to stardom began with a simple invitation. Alongside many others, she was invited to feature as a church extra on the popular show Uzalo. Little did she know that her natural aura would charm the show producers and pave the way for a remarkable opportunity.


Ntombifuthi 'Mam Madlala' Dlamini's Rise to Fame Journey Inspires
Ntombifuthi ‘Mam Madlala’ Dlamini’s Rise to Fame Journey Inspires (Image Credit: The South African/Briefly)

From Extra to Main Role: A Breakthrough Moment

Ntombifuthi’s exceptional presence on set caught the attention of the production team at Stained Glass Productions. Recognizing her talent and potential, they offered her a role as an extra on the SABC1 soapie. This seemingly small opportunity would later transform into a significant breakthrough, propelling Ntombifuthi into a main role on the show

Gratitude and Triumph: Ntombifuthi’s Journey from Cleaner to Star

Reflecting on her incredible journey, Ntombifuthi expresses her gratitude for the life-changing role she was given. Coming from a background of working as a cleaner and struggling to support her family, she acknowledges the role that faith and opportunity played in her success. With humility and appreciation, she thanks God for the chance to pursue her passion and fulfill her dreams.

I thank God every day for this on-screen role; I had worked as a cleaner before and was struggling with the upkeep of my family. The company (Stained Glass Production) offered me a role when I wasn’t qualified; I thank God for that.”

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