Gogo Skhotheni's New Venture as a DJ Draws Heavy CriticismGogo Skhotheni's New Venture as a DJ Draws Heavy Criticism (Image Credit: Instagram @gogo_skhotheni)

Sangoma and podcaster Gogo Skhotheni has ignited a storm of scrutiny after she announced that she is now a DJ.

Gogo Skhotheni left many people surprised when she revealed her newfound career as a DJ.

Gogo Skhotheni Becomes a DJ

Taking to her Instagram account, Gogo Skhotheni shared pictures with headsets. Captioning the pictures, she revealed her new Dj name and her social media handle for her gigs. She wrote;

Allow me to re-introduce myself @gogoskhotheni_thedj

Speaking to Briefly about her new venture as Dj, Gogo Skhotheni revealed that no one inspired her to take up this path.

Gogo Skhotheni announces her new venture as a Dj
Gogo Skhotheni announces her new venture as a Dj (Image Credit: Instagram @gogo_skhotheni)

After receiving invitations to guest appearances at clubs, she decided to try her hand at it. She further disclosed that she didn’t just wake up and become a DJ. She enrolled in a DJing academy last year and has been practicing ever since

“I went to a DJing academy in Pretoria and started learning and practising since last year, and now I feel that I am ready to take over and get my brand out there.”

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Mzansi Erupts with Mixed Reactions

Social media users have expressed a mix of surprise and skepticism about Gogo Skhotheni’s new career move, with some offering humorous commentary on the situation.


These national Sangomas are everywhere 💀
Soon we’ll be hearing them say:

“I have a calling to heal people in all aspects, I heal them in my Ndumba, the Podcast and in the Music I play”! 😭😭😭


Yoh the girl is all over, edumbeni, uyathwasisa, hosting all night prayers,podcasts, sometime last year she opened a salon l wonder yaphelelaphi..Yoh now she’s a DJ.🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️


From the legendary DJ Cndo , DJ Zinhle … To now this Gogo skhotheni …

This is such an embarrassment for the profession ,, because DJing is now being disrespected



Suddenly everyone wants to become a DJ


Iyoh we are tired…Everrrybody is a dj now


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