Thinah Zungu Robbed GunpointGospel Singer Thinah Zungu Robbed At Gunpoint [Image: @thinahzungu/Instagram]

Award-winning gospel singer Thinah Zungu was robbed at gunpoint in his Durban home early Monday morning.

The robbers made off with furniture, his car, money, and gadgets, resulting in losses initially estimated at R1.5 million. The car was later recovered, reducing the total value of stolen items to around R500,000, Zungu reported.


Thinah Zungu Robbed At Gunpoint

The ‘UJesu’fikekuseni’ singer explained that about six intruders cut through his electric fence and broke a window to enter his home. Once inside, they held Zungu and his family at gunpoint while they looted his possessions.

“They took my car and loaded it with the stolen goods. Thankfully, we were unharmed because I tried to cooperate. They confined us in a room, but we managed to seek help in the morning,” Zungu told City Press.

Despite the traumatic experience, the 35-year-old singer said he and his family were coping well. Zungu expressed his distress and emotion over the incident, emphasizing the importance of their safety during the ordeal.

“The whole family was there. One thing that was in my mind was ‘May the Lord keep us safe’ because we were already in the situation, so the only thing I was praying for was safety. We are people who believe in God, and we believe that God does not do anything without reason, so I guess we will get there step by step. We are praying every day, as we were praying even before the situation, so we are just strong at the moment, but if things that need attention arise, I will take further steps.”

“I guess that’s why I am not too emotional about what happened [because] God has kept us safe in this situation, and that is what makes me emotional. I am trusting God even more because we always hear stories of those who were robbed, raped, beaten, and killed. They just took material things that can be replaced, but I am still in good health.”

Zungu expressed gratitude towards the robbers for not harming his family and hoped they would cease their criminal activities.


Thinah Zungu  Robbed Gunpoint
Gospel Singer Thinah Zungu Robbed At Gunpoint [Image: @thinahzungu/Instagram]


Police Confirm The Incident

Police spokesperson Constable Thenjiswa Ngcobo confirmed that a robbery case was under investigation:

“Police in Inanda are investigating a case of house robbery following an incident in which unknown men allegedly entered the house of a 35-year-old man on 3 June 2024 and pointed a firearm at him before ransacking his house. The suspects reportedly took various household items, including gadgets and cash, before they fled.”

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