Why Etv Cancelled NikiweWhy Etv Cancelled Nikiwe After One Season [Image: e.tv]

Details are now trickling in, exposing the real reason why etv cancelled the telenovela Nikiwe months after it premiered.

Yesterday, the channel announced that Nikiwe would not return for season 2, and its last episode will air in early 2024. Etv said the show had low ratings:

“The local prime-time drama on etv will be coming to an end in early 2024. The show launched in April 2023 and filled the 6.30 pm slot. Unfortunately, the show has not continued to deliver anticipated ratings.”

The channel added that it will share more details soon on the show that will replace Nikiwe.

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The Real Reason Why E.tv Cancelled Nikiwe

Entertainment reporter and insider Kgopolo Phil Mphela took to his X account and shared inside information on why etv canned Nikiwe after season 1. He revealed that some people working behind the scenes were stealing money. He disclosed:

“So, Nikiwe got canned, and the channel, in their response statement to me, attributed ratings to the decision. I, however, think it’s fair to tell the full story. I hoped mainstream journalists would dig and write the full story after I shared the breaking news, but I see none has. Yes, Nikiwe had ratings issues, but the main reason for cancellation is money.”

“Someone or some people in the production allegedly misused funds. Through the info I got from multiple sources, it’s alleged PAP [Parental Advisory Productions] owners Thomas [Gumede] and Lungi [Radu] were unaware of the mismanagement of funds. One lady is accused of being at the centre of the mess, and she is not an employee of PAP but was allegedly brought in by the channel.”


Why Etv Cancelled Nikiwe
Why Etv Cancelled Nikiwe After One Season [Image: e.tv]


Mzansi Speaks

Social media users had varied sentiments as it got out that Nikiwe was cancelled because some people were stealing money.


“When money talks, Greed listens. “Well, well, well! What have we here?! 🤣”


“To add to all this, the show also had kak actors and actresses and was just very boring. Well, most of them, especially the lead actress, shame.”


“I hope Thomas Gumede and Lunga can fix this 👏🏿I was rooting for this show.”


“The decision to can the production because of negligence by the channel and not the production company is hypocritical. Why not fire the said employee instead of jeopardizing the entire production?”

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