trump-angryUS President Elect, Donald Trump has promised to crush dictators oppressing their people around the world.

Speaking in Washington during the weekend, the vivacious president-elect rubbished allegations that he is racist and he will send black people back to Africa.

Trump stressed that he does not hate anyone, adding that he actually cares about Africans, Muslims, and Mexicans.

But when he was asked about African Leaders who have overstayed in power, Trump singled out Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe and promised to act.

“I love Robert Mugabe. But I hate what he has done to his country and the people of Zimbabwe. Now that I am president, I will try to talk to him and get him to step down, because he has really really ruined that beautiful country. But if he does not listen, I won’t have a choice, but to capture his crispy ass and fry it. Maybe Tony Blair, Bush and President Obama were afraid of him, But I am not them, I am trump, and action is my middle name. I will make this world great again.” bragged Trump.


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