Khanyi Mbau Pic With Jacob Zuma’s Son Breaks The Internet

Khanyi Mbau Pic With Jacob Zuma’s Son Breaks The Internet

Khanyi Mbau Pic With Jacob Zuma’s Son Breaks The Internet

After breaking up with Tebogo Lerole, Khanyi Mbau’s love life had been under the microscope lately.

Fans have been wondering when she will be entering the dating fray again.
Recently Khanyi Mbau took to Twitter to declare the kind of man she would love to date.

Khanyi Mbau stated that she doesn’t do broke or ugly guys, she’s exclusively into rich and handsome men.

Taking to Twitter, she wrote

“I feel like going on date a very handsome rich man 2moro night , Serious people only. Ps. I said handsome and rich. Tag me”.

Now Khanyi Mbau recently posted a picture with former president Jacob Zuma’s son, Duduzane Zuma

Fans quickly noticed that Duduzane is not only wealthy but he’s a hottie as well.

Khanyi Mbau posted a picture standing  beside Duduzane Zuma and didn’t caption it, leaving it open to interpretation.

Fans were quickly reading a lot into it, suggesting that something could be brewing between the media personalities.

Khanyi Mbau was wearing a pair of oversized boyfriend jeans while Duduzane was donning a tight fitting pair of jeans.

Many fans rushed to conclude that the two exchanged jeans, just to let the public know what’s up with them.

Khanyi Mbau was in a serious relationship with Tebogo Lerole and they had been together for 10 years before breaking things off.

Khanyi and Tebogo have a history of breakups in the past that fans thought it was just another one of their phases.

However this time Khanyi Mbau made it clear that they were done for good.

“Guys, we have been here before, certainly words I uttered before…. Our second attempt grew us even further apart. Tebogo Edward  has chosen to take a different path and have chosen to respect it and let him soar in his greatness . And by this, we are no longer an item,”

She has since been cagey to talk more about the break up .

Could Duduzane Zuma be the man to usher her from singlehood or they’re just ‘hanging out’

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