“No Amount of Nyash Can Keep a Man” – Mzansi Weighs In As DJ Melzi Cheats On Curvaceous Girlfriend Andiswa The Bomb

Andiswa Selepe popularly known as The Bomb is trending on social media after her boyfriend DJ Melzi cheated on her.

Social media users are commenting how her gorgeous curvaceous figure could not stop her man from wandering.

DJ Melzi’s shenanigans came to light after his side chick shared a video with all the receipts of their escapades on TikTok. The Amapiano hitmaker has been trending on social media as a result.

The woman with whom the hitmaker cheated, who goes by the username “lallah_top_model” on social media, has come forward with evidence to support the claims. She took to TikTok to share her side of the story and even stated that she is pregnant with DJ Melzi’s child. The woman has decided to expose DJ Melzi on social media, labelling him as a repeated cheater.

In a video, lallah_top_model shares WhatsApp conversations between her and DJ Melzi. In these chats, the DJ praises his side chick for her beauty and intelligence, even mentioning that she has two degrees.

Furthermore, there is a message from DJ Melzi to his side chick, arranging a meeting at The Islands Estate. The side chick visits the Amapiano DJ with a friend, who records a video of DJ Melzi and lallah_top_model in bed together.

Neither Andiswa The Bomb nor DJ Melzi have publicly addressed the situation. However social media users have weighed in on the situation. Some have implied that there was more to the matter than meets the eye. The section argued that though she might have a banging body her character might not be as good. However some pointed out that no amount of nyash can make a man faithful.

Below are some of the comments from social media:


Was her behavior as good ?


no amount of nyash will stop a man from cheating


1. I remember 1 time in my life, i dated this 1 girl, Pretty but her best feature was she had a body to kill for. Challanges 1. The sex was once in a blue moon. 2. Meeting up even for lunch or a movie was ma1. 3. The sex was actually not worth the struggle. I broke it off.


I heard this somewhere ” Dombolo is bigger than muffin but it doesn’t mean it’s nice”


Why not if she is a human being nothing will stop men from cheating

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