A Group on Durban residents have applied to the High Court to have the coastal province declared a country, separate from South Africa.

The group said KZN as a whole is self sustainable therefore there was no need for it to be included with other provinces in the Republic. The group’s representative Mzwandile Khumalo said the decision to have KZN declared a country did not come lightly.

The group says they simply want to fulfill Shaka Zulu’s dream. According to them, Shaka Zulu wanted KZN to be a country on it’s own. “We hope the constitution will recognise our plea and grant us our wishes” The spokesman said.

The news was greeted with mixed reactions from the people with some dismissing it as rubbish while others said it was a good idea. The group said if they court dismisses their plea, they were going to approach the con-court and toyi toyi until their demands are met.

If they are successful, it means anyone from outside KZN wanting to visit will have to have a valid passport. And vice versa.

The group said they will have their own president but on condition that he was Zulu. As per Shaka’s wishes. It was not immediately ascertained what the high court had ruled at time of publishing this satirical piece.

Source : iMzansi Satire


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