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Zahara’s benefit concert planned by her family to buy back her auctioned house after her death has been cancelled due to some problems.
The initiative to organize a benefit concert aimed at reclaiming Zahara’s repossessed residence has hit a snag as the family grapples with various hurdles.Zahara, known by her birth name, Bulelwa Mkutukana, passed away in December 2023 following a brief illness.

Zahara’s Concert Cancelled by sister.

The scheduled concert, slated to occur in East London later this April, featuring notable artists such as Vusi Nova, Nathi Mankayi, Mawethu Dikiza, Lusanda Mbane, and Khanyisa Nkantsu, has been postponed indefinitely.

Bandezwa Mkutukana-Febana, Zahara’s sister, expressed the challenges faced in securing a venue and raising funds for the event.

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Financial Struggles

Zahara’s concert to save her house cancelled-Image Source@X

Bandezwa elaborated on their financial predicament, emphasizing the significance of Zahara’s former residence, which holds sentimental value as it is intertwined with cherished memories of the late songstress.

She revealed the daunting task of accumulating nearly R1 million to repurchase the property, currently inhabited by Zahara’s brother.

Exploring Alternative Solutions

Faced with obstacles in accessing Zahara’s estate assets, the family is compelled to explore alternative avenues to safeguard her legacy.

Despite the challenges, Bandezwa remains resolute, affirming their unwavering determination to preserve Zahara’s memory.

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Band’s Concerns

In a separate development, Zahara’s band has raised concerns regarding the family’s unilateral decision-making process regarding the property acquisition.

Questions arise regarding the feasibility of utilizing ticket sales revenue for such a substantial purchase and the long-term sustainability of the arrangement.

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