Musa Khawula's Courtroom Saga Unfolds with Delayed AppearanceMusa Khawula's Courtroom Saga Unfolds with Delayed Appearance (Image Credit: Briefly)

Musa Khawula’s Courtroom Saga Unfolds with Delayed Appearance

Musa Khawula, facing a murder charge for the alleged stabbing of his ex-boyfriend Wandile Khambule in March 2022, appeared in the Vredenburg Magistrates Court on Wednesday, a day later than initially scheduled.

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Transport Troubles: Musa Khawula’s Explanation and Bail Reinstatement

This marked the second consecutive no-show for Khawula, as he failed to appear on Tuesday, leading the court to provisionally forfeit his bail. A previous instance occurred on January 23, resulting in a warrant of arrest being issued against him.

According to the Daily Sun, Western Cape National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) spokesman Eric Ntabazalila explained that Khawula cited transport problems as the reason for his absence. The court accepted this explanation, reinstated his bail, and set aside the warrant of arrest.

Please, note that Khawula appeared in court today, where he explained that he had transport problems, and that’s the reason he was unable to attend court yesterday. The court accepted the explanation, and his matter was postponed,” said Ntabazalila.

The case was remanded to May 30 for a plea and trial.

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Judicial Warning: Magistrate Allows Second Chance Amidst Frustration

On Tuesday, when Khawula was expected to appear, his absence prompted the court to continue with other cases. Despite a later call, he did not show up. Presiding Magistrate Paulette Da Rocha-Boltney allowed Khawula another chance, warning that failure to appear would result in incarceration.

Khawula faces a murder charge for the alleged stabbing of Wandile Khambule during an argument at the girlfriend’s house in March 2022. Witnesses reported hearing screams as Khambule attempted to flee, with Khawula giving chase and inflicting fatal wounds. The magistrate expressed frustration with the case’s delays during previous hearings.

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