Nonku Williams suedNonku Williams sued by RD-Image Source@X

Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) reality star Nonku Williams has been sued by her ex-lover/businessman Dumisani Ndlanzi over defamatory statements.

Ndlanzi, a 46-year-old construction businessman, was romantically involved with Williams during the filming of Season 3 of the reality show. However, their relationship came to an abrupt end, accompanied by Williams’ allegations of being scammed by RD.

The Breakup and Legal Allegations

Last March marked the end of Williams and RD’s relationship, as revealed by Williams in May of the same year. Citing emotional distress, she refrained from discussing the details but emphasized the legal nature of the situation.

Expressing his side of the story on Instagram, RD, previously silent about the matter, felt compelled to share the truth. In addition, Ndlanzi posted a letter from his legal representatives addressed to Williams.

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Nonku Williams sued
Nonku Williams and RD in happier times-Image Source@X

Defamation Claims

“I’ve been quiet for too long trying to be mature, but she’s been pushing me,” RD wrote on Instagram. In the lawyer’s letter, he alleges that Williams made scathing, untrue, unlawful, and defamatory statements in January of this year.

The letter contends that these statements were made to damage RD’s reputation personally and professionally. It includes a “cease and desist” directive demanding the immediate removal of all social media posts containing false and defamatory information.

“We hereby demand that you immediately retract and remove all social media posts and pages on all social platforms containing any false and defamatory information or misrepresentation,” reads the letter.

Williams has until March 8 to comply with the removal of posts and is further instructed to issue a public apology across all social media platforms. Failure to do so may result in additional legal action for damages on the grounds of defamation.

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