Thenda Zonzo and Paballo NokoThenda Zonzo and Paballo Noko-Image Source@X

Gauteng businessman Thendo Zonzo has found himself at the receiving end of social media backlash after it was revealed that he is dating a 16-year-old Paballo Noko.

According to a compilation of Instagram stories shared by an X user named The Instigator, Thendo is dating the teenager and showing it off on their Instagram pages.

Paballo shared pictures on her Instagram stories while she was in Thendo’s house, and that raised eyebrows at first. She then shared a video of them kissing and making out on her Instagram stories.

Thendo and Paballo Noko’s age diffrence

Paballo Noko’s birthday was in February 2007, which makes her 16 years old this year. Thendo, however, is said to be in his early thirties, which makes their age difference 14 years of age.

Thendo Zonzo and Paballo Noko-Image Source@X

Past relationships history

Paballo, a rising influencer with an Instagram page with almost half a million followers, is known to like her men older. Last year, she was the talk of the internet after it was revealed that she was dating Busta 929. However, Busta 929 is notoriously famous for dating high school girls.

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According to an X user, Thendo also likes his girlfriends much younger and a few months ago, he was rumoured to be dating another teenager and taking her on vacations.

Netizens react to the couple.

Many X users had mixed reactions to the news of Thendo dating Paballo. Even if many rebuked him and called Paballo a child, the law in South Africa states that she is of consenting age and he is not committing a crime.

Below are some of the comments on X:


Paballo Noko was born February 13, 2007 that makes her barely 16 this year, why is Thendo very comfortable dating a child?


Paballo Noko, is the reason why, amajita fear having daughters.

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