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Prominent entrepreneur Wiseman Sbu Mpisane, known for his past contributions to the ANC, has been appointed National Chairperson of a new political party, Gap Fixers of South Africa (GFSA). The party operates under the banner, “A true catalyst for change.”

Approval by the Independent Electoral Commission

Last year, the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) approved GFSA’s participation in both provincial and national elections scheduled for this year. The brain behind the establishment of GFSA is Themba Viros Buthelezi from Pongola in Northern KwaZulu-Natal.

Despite the ongoing legal battle over financial matters with his estranged wife, businesswoman, and media personality Shauwn Mkhize, Mpisane is resolute in transforming the political landscape.

Inspiration from Recent Events

Mpisane cites his entry into politics as a response to the events surrounding the imprisonment of former President Jacob Zuma at the Escourt Correctional Facility in KZN in July 2021. The subsequent violence and looting in KZN and Gauteng deeply impacted Mpisane.

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Sbu Mpisane political party
Sbu Mpisane new political party-Image Source@X
Expressing his dismay, Mpisane stated, “What hurt me the most was to witness someone who fought for our freedom having his fingerprints taken in prison and jailed after that. I was hurting because Zuma was jailed after he didn’t even face a fair trial.” This sentiment prompted the establishment of GFSA.

Constitutional Concerns and the Mission of GFSA

Mpisane asserts that the current constitution does not adequately support the black men and women of South Africa. He highlights the persistence of poverty, even 30 years after the transition to a black-led government. The core mission of GFSA is to address the significant gaps affecting the majority of voters, particularly those living in impoverished conditions.

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Focusing on Basic Needs and youth empowerment

Having previously been involved in professional football as the leader of Royal AM, which he subsequently handed over to his son Andile, Mpisane criticizes the ANC for losing sight of essential issues affecting the majority of South Africans. He emphasizes the need for clean water, accessible and quality education, and secure living environments.

Mpisane believes that addressing bread-and-butter issues involves assisting unemployed youth in securing employment opportunities from the age of 18 or immediately after completing their matric studies.

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