Man Grabs Spanish Bottom

Scandal Unfolds on Live Broadcast: Man Grabs Spanish Journalist Bottom Live On Air

In a shocking incident, a man displayed audacious behaviour by grabbing the bottom of a Spanish journalist while she was reporting live on TV. Fortunately, the man has been arrested by the police in Spain and will face legal repercussions.

The Disturbing Encounter: Man Grabs Spanish Journalist’s Bottom

The journalist, Isa Balado, was reporting in Madrid about the arrest of shopkeepers who had physically confronted a thief attempting to rob them. During her live report, an individual approached her from behind and inappropriately touched her, while inquiring about the program she worked for.

Balado immediately confronted the man, informing him that she was working and tried to continue with her report. However, the show’s host, Nacho Abad, insisted on capturing the man’s face on camera.

One of Balado’s colleagues in the studio interrupted, asking, “Isa, sorry to interrupt, did they just touch your butt?”

Balado confirmed the incident and turned to the man, questioning his actions and expressing her dismay.

Initially, the 25-year-old Romanian national laughed off the incident and denied any wrongdoing. However, he later apologized but continued to stare at Balado while she pleaded with him to allow her to carry out her job.

The program’s presenter openly criticized the man’s behaviour, labelling him an “idiot” live on air. The cameraman was specifically instructed to focus on the man’s face, ensuring that viewers could identify him.

Despite the assault, the man remained in close proximity to the journalist, closely observing her as she tried to resume her work. Disturbingly, after Balado left the scene, the man returned and touched her hair.

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Channel Support and Police Intervention

The channel released a statement unequivocally condemning any form of harassment or aggression and expressing their full support for Balado, acknowledging the completely unacceptable situation she had to endure.

Madrid police promptly arrested the man on possible charges of sexual assault. He was subsequently taken to the Family and Women’s Department of Madrid Police Headquarters, where further investigation will take place. This will involve analyzing the available footage and obtaining statements from both the man and Balado.

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