Londie London Birthday

“Jiki Jiki, Justice for Londie” Shockwaves as Londie London Surprises Boyfriend with Controversial Birthday Present

Londie London set tongues wagging on social media with her unconventional choice of a birthday gift for her new boyfriend Mabonga.

A video of the former The Real Housewives of Durban star handing her man the gift she bought for his birthday left everyone scratching their heads.

A majority of women give their men the usual socks, underwear or tie for their birthday or something like a car if they want to go above and beyond. However, Londie London decided to go with the unconventional. A video circulating on X (formerly Twitter), shows the singer and media influencer walking to her man, only identified as Mabonga, with a Dolce & Gabanna gift bag and a gun.

The reality TV star proceeded to hand over the gifts to her man and he lovingly embraced and kissed her before they posed for a photo together.

The video naturally elicited a flurry of mixed reactions with a section of social media users finding it hilarious and commending Londie London of being able to joke with her beau. However, some found it concerning and pointed out that the gift was a disaster waiting to happen. Others accused Londie London of clout chasing saying the gun was obviously fake. Below are some of the comments:


I was taught never buy a man shoes he walk with those same shoes.. I am keeping the same energy 🤞🏽🥹😭.. I am not buying hubby a gun


In 3 months: “Justice for Londie London”🚮


It’s cute but mmmh a gun, wouldn’t risk my safety like that 😭😭


Lol so everyone believes she actually gifted him that gun,you cannot just gift someone a gun like it’s a car or something.


Seriously these people love attention, imagine flaunting this on social media. Social media the pandemic

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