Matric Student Dies After Getting Bitten By a SnakeMatric Student Dies After Getting Bitten By a Snake (Image Credit: NerdWallet)

In a tragic development, an 18-year-old matric student from Mpumalanga died after she was bitten by a snake during school camp.

She was a student at Mawewe Secondary School in Dumphris, located in the Bushbuckridge Local Municipality.

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Matric Student Dies After Getting Bitten By A Snake

According to TimesLive, the grade 12 pupil died after being bitten by a snake on Monday night during a matric school camp in Mpumalanga.

The camp aimed to prepare grade 12 learners for their 2023 National Senior Certificate Examinations. Details about the incident remain unclear, but reports suggest the girl was bitten by a venomous black mamba snake. She was allegedly bitten twice on the neck and on the body.


Matric Student Dies After Getting Bitten By a Snake During School Camp
Matric Student Dies After Getting Bitten By a Snake During School Camp (Image Credit: Memorial Planning)

An Antivenom was administered to her, but she was already paralyzed as fellow students stated that medical help was rendered late.

She unfortunately died at the medical centre while awaiting an ambulance to take her to another facility.

Meanwhile, the province’s MEC of Education, Bonakele Majuba has since visited the school and the family

Majuba expressed his condolences to the pupil’s family, school and teachers.

School Employee Hospitalized After Pitbull Attack

In a separate incident, a brave school employee from Durban was hospitalised after a pit bull attack.

The school employee sustained multiple serious dog bite wounds after he shielded a child during a pit bull attack on Tuesday.

The child was reportedly walking towards the school when the dog ran out of a nearby house and charged towards her.

The man, a worker from the school, shielded the child from the dog, thus possibly saving her life,” Garrith Jamieson of ALS Paramedics said.

The man is currently at the hospital receiving medical treatment.

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