Quinton Jones spousal support demand from Minnie Dlamini shakes social mediaQuinton Jones spousal support demand from Minnie Dlamini shakes social media

“What a King”: Mzansi Praises Quinton Jones for Demanding R10k Spousal Support From Minnie Dlamini

In a surprising turn of events, social media platforms across South Africa have been set abuzz with excitement and cheers as Quinton Jones, the ex-husband of TV personality Minnie Dlamini, demands spousal support, making a bold statement that’s resonating with many.

After their high-profile divorce in 2022, the former couple seemed to have moved on with their lives.

Mzansi praises Quinton Jones for demanding R10k spousal support from Minnie Dlamini
Mzansi praises Quinton Jones for demanding R10k spousal support from Minnie Dlamini/ Minnie Dlamini with Quinton Jones on their wedding day (Image Credit: TimesLive)

However, Quinton’s recent demand for R10,000 in monthly spousal support and custody of their three-year-old son, Netha Jones, has reignited the spotlight on their relationship.

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A Win for Men as Quinton Demands R10,000 Monthly Spousal Support

Quinton Jones’ decision to seek financial support from his ex-wife Minnie Dlamini has sent shockwaves through social media. Many netizens are applauding Quinton for taking a stand and demanding financial assistance, a role traditionally associated with women.

The online celebration has been particularly prominent among men, who see Quinton’s actions as a symbol of empowerment.

One social media user, Chris Excel, remarked,

Quinton is demanding R10,000 in monthly spousal support. Minnie thought she was securing the bag, but it turns out she is the bag. Another win for the brothers.”

Quinton’s move has sparked a flurry of memes and humorous comments online. Some have playfully suggested that he “pulled a Hakimi” on Minnie, referencing the soccer player Achraf Hakimi who made headlines with his messy divorce.

Others have humorously declared Quinton the potential chairperson for the next Men’s Conference, a tongue-in-cheek event often discussed on social media.

Check out some of the reactions;


This calls for a celebration, the Biggest win of the Year for the gents.


My boy taking back the money he spent all these years. What a king🔥🔥


Another win for the Gents!Viva Quinton Viva


Hakimi and Quinton are god’s favorites 😭


I have to apologize to Quinton, I didn’t know the brother was this street-smart. Well played 🥂

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