Eyadini Dancer Dies TV

Popular Eyadini Lounge Dancer Dies Protecting Beloved TV

In a tragic incident, well-known dancer Ntokozo “Spirit” Shandu, famous for his performances at Eyadini Lounge in Umlazi township, Durban, KwaZulu Natal, was fatally shot on Saturday night. Three assailants invaded his family’s home, robbing them of their cellphones and a television.

Ntokozo’s family, comprising his sisters and nephews, now lives in fear, deeply affected after witnessing the horrifying ordeal.

Courage in the Face of Danger: Eyadini Dancer Dies Protecting TV

According to the family, Shandu bravely confronted the armed intruders when they attempted to steal their television. He even dared them to shoot him. His brother, Themba Shandu, spoke to ZiMoja about their ongoing struggle to come to terms with Ntokozo’s tragic death.

“We are still shocked about what happened. Knowing we will never see him again is a hard pill to swallow. Those people should have taken the TV like they did with the cellphones,” he said.

Themba, who was not present during the robbery, explained that the criminals had ordered Ntokozo to unplug the television from the wall. In response, his brother dared the robbers to shoot him instead.

“I am told my brother refused and told them to shoot and kill him instead. He was not prepared to give away his television just like that and it cost him his life,” added Themba.

Themba went on to recount how the assailants callously shot his brother in the head and chest in front of the entire family, including young children. He emphasized their efforts to arrange therapy for the family, given the traumatic experience they endured.

“We are now forced to organise counselling for the whole family as Ntokozo was shot and killed in front of them. Those criminals were heartless, they should have taken the TV and leave my brother alone. He was a good person who had no problem with anyone,” Themba said.

Police Investigation Underway

The KwaZulu Natal South African Police Service (SAPS) spokesperson, Robert Netshiunda, confirmed that Umlazi police are investigating charges of murder and house robbery in connection with this tragic incident.

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