Minnie Dlamini Ex-Husband Maintenance

Minnie Dlamini Faces Legal Battle as Ex-Husband Demands Spousal Maintenance

Minnie Dlamini’s ex-husband Quinton Jones is demanding thousands in spousal support a year after the two confirmed their divorce.

Adding insult to injury, Jones wants to have full custody of their son Netha Makhosini Jones who was born in November 2020.

These developments have raised eyebrows since Minnie and Quinton appeared to have parted ways amicably. However, recent hints from Minnie on her social media and insider information confirm that Quinton Jones has taken legal action against her.

Minnie Dlamini And Ex-husband Spousal Maintenance and Full Child Custody Drama

Sources close to the situation, who spoke to ZiMoja, revealed that Minnie has expressed concerns that Jones is trying to portray her as an unfit mother and is making claims to her house, despite never having contributed financially. The source accused Quinton of harbouring bitterness over Minnie’s ability to move forward with her life post-separation.

“Minnie is a hard worker and will do anything for her child, he is just bitter because she has moved on with her life and she is doing everything for their child without asking him for anything,” the source said.

Additionally, it has come to light that Quinton Jones is demanding R10,000 in monthly spousal support. The source revealed that Minnie Dlamini is determined to ensure that her former husband does not receive a dime of her hard-earned money and has engaged the best legal minds in the land to protect her interests.

“Can you imagine Minnie taking care of their child and also supporting him financially, she will never let it happen. She has good lawyers on her side who will fight to make sure he doesn’t get anything,” the source added.

Emotional Toll of Custody and Support Disputes

Another source disclosed the toll that the custody and spousal support dispute has taken on Minnie Dlamini, exacerbating the challenges of being a single mother.

“The dispute over custody and spousal support has added to the stress of being a single mother, and Minnie is struggling to cope with the situation. She is overwhelmed and frustrated with everything he has put her through and is now at her breaking point,” the source explained.

When approached for comment, Minnie declined, citing that the matter is currently before the court. Attempts by ZiMoja to contact Jones via WhatsApp messages and calls proved unsuccessful.

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