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Pabi Moloi and Ruan Adams’ impending divorce takes a controversial turn as her ex-husband accused her of bribing his lawyer amidst their separation proceedings.

Ruan Adams Accuses Pabi Moloi of Bribery

It’s reported that Ruan Adams, the former partner of media personality Pabi Moloi, has accused his own attorney, Lutendo Siphuma of SL Attorneys, of accepting bribes purportedly from Moloi or her legal team. These alleged bribes are claimed to have been made to prolong the divorce proceedings currently ongoing in the Johannesburg High Court.

Adams, who is seeking a portion of Moloi’s estate along with monthly spousal maintenance, reportedly informed Siphuma of his suspicions. This led Siphuma to communicate his withdrawal from representing Adams due to alleged threats received from him, alongside accusations of bribery against Siphuma’s firm.

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Legal Communication Disrupted

Siphuma cited unauthorized emails sent by Adams to Moloi’s legal representatives as a breach of protocol and a reason for his withdrawal. Despite previous warnings, Adams allegedly persisted in sending disrespectful and excessive emails, prompting Siphuma’s decision.

Furthermore, Siphuma stated his intention to pursue criminal charges against Adams for the threats and harassment directed at him and his staff.

Division of Assets

Adams seeks a 50% division of Moloi’s estate, which comprises various properties and assets across Johannesburg, including vehicles, furniture, shares, and investments. He asserts his entitlement based on their marriage in community of property, a claim contested by Moloi.

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Legal Ramifications

Siphuma’s withdrawal not only impacted Adams’ divorce proceedings but also two significant lawsuits he initiated against Moloi and Minister of Police Bheki Cele.

These lawsuits include an R1-million claim against Moloi and the South African Police Service (SAPS) for wrongful arrest, stemming from a previous incident at the Olievenhoutbosch police station. Additionally, there’s a R400,000 lawsuit against Moloi and Cele following another arrest related to a child custody dispute.

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