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Renowned media personality Unathi Nkayi once again finds herself in the spotlight, stirring controversy across social media platforms after she claimed that she is Nelson Mandela’s grandchild.
Recently, a video surfaced online courtesy of the contentious blogger Musa Khawula, in which Unathi asserted an unexpected lineage, declaring Nelson Mandela, the late former president of South Africa, as her grandfather.This revelation follows closely on the heels of previous sensational claims, including rumours surrounding her alleged romantic involvement with Prince Kaybee.

Unathi Nkayi’s Bold Assertion in Public

In a clip shared by Khawula on Twitter, Unathi Nkayi confidently introduces herself, intertwining her identity with that of Nelson Mandela’s family and calling herself his grandchild.

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The video quickly ignited a wildfire of reactions across social media platforms, with users expressing scepticism and disbelief about Nkayi’s proclamation. Some users claim that this may be a way for her to gain attention and trend. Others claim that she just wanted to shift attention from her rumoured relationship with Prince Kaybee.

Public Response to Unathi’s Statement

Netizens wasted no time in voicing their opinions regarding Unathi Nkayi’s claim. Below are some of the comments under the video posted:


“At this rate, even my neighbour’s dogs are related to the man.”


“Lol, she was also a descendant of Sarah Baartman. The delusion and clout chasing. It suits her since she doesn’t have real talent.”


“Every Xhosa person out there behaves like they sat on Mandela’s lap at some point.”


“Also having Nelson Mandela as a grandfather isn’t something to gloat about.”


“Midlife crisis is not a good era for these entertainers.”

The diverse range of reactions demonstrates that Unathi Nkayi’s statement has elicited scepticism and amusement, with many questioning the authenticity of her claims.

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