Claims Mohbad's Father Knows Who Killed Him  Claims Mohbad's Father Knows Who Killed Him (Image Credit: Legit)

Secret Societies and Sinister Sorcery: Prophet Adebayo Claims Mohbad’s Father Knows Who Killed Him 

In a stunning revelation that has sent shockwaves through Nigeria, Prophet Olusegun Adebayo has come forward with a divine message he claims to have received from God concerning the tragic death of Nigerian singer, Mohbad.

This revelation points to a disturbing truth – that Mohbad’s father held knowledge of those responsible for his son’s untimely death.

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Mohbad’s Father Knows Who Killed Him- Prophet Olusegun Adebayo Speaks Out

Prophet Adebayo delivered this profound message during a recent church event, reaching a global audience through his widely followed YouTube channel. With unwavering conviction, he asserted that Mohbad’s death was not a mere accident but a sinister plot that entangled the singer’s father.


Prophet claims Mohbad Father's Knows Who Killed his son
Prophet claims Mohbad Father’s Knows Who Killed his son[Image: iammohbad/Instagram]
Adebayo revealed an unsettling claim: Joseph Aloba, Mohbad’s father, had become ensnared by malevolent sorcery and bewitchment. The prophet’s words echoed with conviction,

Those that killed that boy (Mohbad), his father is bewitched. God told me, do you know that his father is aware of those that killed the boy? When the boy left the kingdom of darkness, saying he was no longer interested, his father was bewitched.”

But the prophet didn’t stop there; he continued to shed light on the actions Joseph Aloba could have taken to avert the tragedy. He passionately urged,

What his father should have done was to carry him around to seek the face of the Lord. He wouldn’t have died.”

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Allegations of a Sinister Connection

Prophet Adebayo’s revelations took a darker turn when he hinted at the possible involvement of security agencies in Mohbad’s death, Within Nigeria. He suggested that secret societies may have infiltrated these agencies, obstructing their ability to protect the young talent.

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